Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Craft Club {coop collage}

So last week we had another amazing craft club evening. We made some super organizational boards with frames and chicken coop wire. Topping them off with custom decorated clothespins. They came out great. Our second craft was a sweet little pedestal bowl/ plate. People were really creative. You can really tell a difference from week one with our core crafters. They are really using the abstract sides of their brains! I'm so proud of all my gals. See you all next week!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Craft Club {wineolights}

Super job by all of my guests tonight. I am so proud how many of you all get your creative juices flowing with us every other week. Every one of the wineOlights were so individually awesome! Thank you to our guest crafter Meredith, and welcome to our newcomers. We are growing and there is no stopping us now. I will see you all in two weeks and maybe some new faces too!
XO jazz

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craft Club {love is all you need}

Here we go again, only this time with a little Inspiration from Cupid... Craft night will take place this coming
Wednesday, January 23rd at 6pm.
28 Columbus Ave
Which will you choose to make?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The wedding of my pipsqueak's dreams...

I am the luckiest mother on the planet. This I already knew, but on my wedding day, when she stood beside me and said "mom, I want you to save everything from this weekend, because I am going to have the exact same wedding"...be still my heart. I consider Bailley (aka boo, bai, etc.) to be my greatest critic. She sure tells ya how it is. For good or bad, an honest opinion will always come out of the mouth of your daughter. Lucky for me she shares my same taste for vintage, with a drop of old world Italy, and a dash of Provence. She tears the pages out of magazines right along side of me, watches HGTV like it's her second job, and prefers custom over off-the-shelf. This is why when the design for my wedding was in the works (for over a year and a half) she shared in the creative duties. I thought it would be nice during this cold, wintery, pregnancy hiatus I am on, to share with all of you the weekend that Pipsqueak Parties turned into Seaside Soirees...our wedding. 

This all took place on the Pemaquid Penninsula in Maine, Labor Day weekend 2009. 
Tented rehearsal on the Pemaquid River in the back yard of my Nana's B&B (nana banana is my idol)
Welcome luncheon in the same location for all of the out of town guests arriving
Home made spa treatments in the grass with my wedding party (one of the best memories even though it took place by default)
Vows on the cliff at the Pemaquid Lighthouse, complete with bagpiper, and aisles of flower-filled mason jars.
Reception at the 1812 Farm, a beautiful antique barn with sweeping lawns and old charm. 
Thank you meg @ bluelime photo for capturing these images.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pipsqueaks can't have all the fun!

(RED)"neck-tie" affair! We did it. We stole the day for ourselves. Of course I can't help myself with getting carried away. A few beers in my backyard will always come at a price...that price...a theme! This was to be the last shindig for us before the big baby bump was to start growing, and boy did we ever go out with a bang! My husband and I share a birthday weekend (Sept 25 & 27), so celebrating together is always best. Here are some photos of the event. I wish I remembered more to tell you! Luckily photog Meg of www.bluelimephoto.com was there to capture all the images and details! Meg you rock!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Safari Scavenger Hunt for Tweens...yup tweens!!!

What better way to wrap up the summer, and reunite with all of your friends that you lost to camps and summer sports? answer...no better way than a party! Olivia turned 14 this late summer afternoon in August. Thanks to the amazingly gorgeous, small, and safe town that we live in, we were able to let these tweens take over the South End neighborhood for a safari style scavenger hunt. We started with pizza and coca-cola in real glass bottles, the way we envision it to still be sold in the Zulu Nation, and of course everywhere you looked you could find animal crackers, and swedish fish to munch on, in keeping with our theme. We let the birthday girl open her gifts (as we knew their return from the hunt would not be prompt...and may be a bit damp)Then it was time for the kids to set out on their journey. Each clue was affixed to a rubber ducky sporting a safari hat, which matched the kids newly gifted attire! Everyone got safari hats with animal print. They were directed to go to South End landmarks (renamed for the sake of the theme) and collect the safari animals along their way). The kids were awesome! The last clue led them to a friends pool, where they found it floating in the center. Yup...time to get in the pool! All of the adults made their way down the street as to catch their surprised looks as they at first debated who would be the one to jump in and get the clue...then, as expected withing minutes, everyone was in and having a ball! The birthday girl noted in her thank you that her friends all enjoyed the party and were still talking about it when school had started! Here is to sitting at the cool lunch table! *****images, as always, shot by Meg of bluelimephoto.com