Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pipsqueaks can't have all the fun!

(RED)"neck-tie" affair! We did it. We stole the day for ourselves. Of course I can't help myself with getting carried away. A few beers in my backyard will always come at a price...that price...a theme! This was to be the last shindig for us before the big baby bump was to start growing, and boy did we ever go out with a bang! My husband and I share a birthday weekend (Sept 25 & 27), so celebrating together is always best. Here are some photos of the event. I wish I remembered more to tell you! Luckily photog Meg of was there to capture all the images and details! Meg you rock!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Safari Scavenger Hunt for Tweens...yup tweens!!!

What better way to wrap up the summer, and reunite with all of your friends that you lost to camps and summer sports? better way than a party! Olivia turned 14 this late summer afternoon in August. Thanks to the amazingly gorgeous, small, and safe town that we live in, we were able to let these tweens take over the South End neighborhood for a safari style scavenger hunt. We started with pizza and coca-cola in real glass bottles, the way we envision it to still be sold in the Zulu Nation, and of course everywhere you looked you could find animal crackers, and swedish fish to munch on, in keeping with our theme. We let the birthday girl open her gifts (as we knew their return from the hunt would not be prompt...and may be a bit damp)Then it was time for the kids to set out on their journey. Each clue was affixed to a rubber ducky sporting a safari hat, which matched the kids newly gifted attire! Everyone got safari hats with animal print. They were directed to go to South End landmarks (renamed for the sake of the theme) and collect the safari animals along their way). The kids were awesome! The last clue led them to a friends pool, where they found it floating in the center. Yup...time to get in the pool! All of the adults made their way down the street as to catch their surprised looks as they at first debated who would be the one to jump in and get the clue...then, as expected withing minutes, everyone was in and having a ball! The birthday girl noted in her thank you that her friends all enjoyed the party and were still talking about it when school had started! Here is to sitting at the cool lunch table! *****images, as always, shot by Meg of

Sunday, July 25, 2010

American Girl Birthday Party

First, I will admit that this party happens to be for my very own pipsqueak. Bailley's parties are usually where I come up with most of my ideas for the whole year. After some major brainstorming we are left with the task of narrowing down the themes. This year was Bailley's 9th birthday, and fresh from a full year of money dumping into the American Girl money pit, we went with this theme. Now, don't get me wrong, we LOVE everything these dolls stand for, and the wholesomeness of the playtime they inspire...I just wish we could love them for a lot less. But where would be the fun if it weren't for the elite (kidding). So, onto the goods: We began the afternoon with "Chrissa's Spa". Chrissa is the AG character that was bullied, and had self esteem issues. We thought who would be a better doll to designate as the spa owner. The spa had a banner, a hot tub, and amazing swag bags that included AG lip balms, AG lotions, full size kids waffle hooded bathrobes, and AG chocolate bars. This all took place under a tree in our yard. For lunch, the adults were able to nosh on giant baguette sandwiches, while the girls had PP&J cut into the shape of stars (like the AG logo), and of course piles of other tempting treats, all displayed on multiple tiers of different sized AG gift boxes. As the afternoon continued, it was on to gift time, Bailley and her friends filled out birthday cards for the kids at the Boston Children's Hospital. Bailley unwrapped her gifts, but as her invitations stated, they were to be donated to the Children's hospital (in true AG spirit). Dusk was fast approaching for these little ladies just in time to switch up the setting. In celebration of  Lanie's debut (2010 American Girl of the Year) I wanted to incorporate her personality into the party. Lanie is the "nature girl" who has an amazing retro camper. So, what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't have an actual retro camper for the event? Certainly not the best pipsqueak party planning mother! So, needless to say, the 10 girls crammed into the camper and had a wonderful AG sleepover! Images courtesy of my amazing photographer Meg of 
(Birthday girl is pictured in the door of the camper and in a bathrobe close up on the right)